Three girls in black The North Face “Nuptse” down jackets



5 thoughts on “Three girls in black The North Face “Nuptse” down jackets

  1. The fine lady in the middle with full pearly white smile, the most enagaging eyes, a touch of blonde gets my vote, although I agree they’re all beautiful. Such a shame the nuptse fad has past a little and we don’t find ladies wearing similar outfits like this on a night out.

    Hopefully some of the new North Face coats will get the ball rolling again and tight jeans, loose hair, maybe some Ugg boots/knee high boots, perfect smiles (thanks to braces) will be de rigeur again on our streets.

    If you know anyone like this, do let me know!

  2. Oh man they are all cute. The one in the middle is so hot. Nice cuddly black puffy down jacket, tight blue jeans, a hot shirt underneath. I can only guess also a stunning black bra 34D, a nice booty in silky black briefs, and she speaks fluent French Spanish and English, and rides a motorcycle and loves sex. That would be my perfect girl!

  3. What a nice group of girls, all wearing amazing jackets.

    I prefer the one on the far right. But I wouldn’t say no to any of them!

  4. Okay, I’m 18 years old. And I’m starting college this fall. And although its still summer, I’m worried about my freezing walks across campus this year. Would this jacket be able to be worn by a guy? And would it be noticed as a women’s jacket? And what would people say?

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