Brown The North Face “Flash” down jacket


5 thoughts on “Brown The North Face “Flash” down jacket

  1. this is surely not a TNF Thunder jacket! As far as I know, the Thunder is never released in brown and the Thunder is not wetlook shiny but silky ripstop. And the down compartiments are completely different too. There are nice examples of the Thunder vest and jacket on this forum, notice the difference and notice the awesome look and quality of the real Thunder!

    • I believe this one is the “Flash” jacket… That is if its an actual North Face. A friends wife has the Flash jacket and it came in super shiny black. Can’t find them anymore. eBay has the kids version.. Only difference in them that I seen is the Flash jacket has way more shine and it seems as if the baffles are more poofier also… I believe the Flash jacket was from North Face’s “Flight Series” line… and the Thunder is from the “Summit Series” line. Would love to own the Flash jacket to go along with my Thunder 🙂

    • I would say its rare here in America also. I’ve only seen a few of them being worn.. I really want one.

    • and the Flash jacket has 850 fill goose down and the thunder is 800 fill goose down… so id say its just a tad bit warmer 🙂

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