Red down jacket


26 thoughts on “Red down jacket

  1. can anyone post where this jacket can be bought in black???
    how took this photo, do they know if this is avail in black anywhere??


  2. Thats my girlfriend Steph 🙂 and the jacket is a Marmot Ennoble Down Jacket. Got it really cheap from last years clearance. Wanted the black one also but was only red one left but it does look sooo good on her. Will post more pics when she wears it again this winter!

  3. OMG absolutely gorgeous. So hot! would totally love to be hugging her and caressing her with that jacket on! SEXY!!

  4. I’m really glad that I asked for other picture. I like her wearing either jacket. The nylon of the Marmot jacket looks really smooth and I especially like how thick and puffy this jacket is.

    The collar is unusual but looks amazing.

  5. Well I am relatively late in responding to a post which is three years old but it is worth it! When I saw this stunningly beautiful young woman in another puffer/down coat and jacket appreciation site similar to this one a week ago by stumbling across the first image above my initial reaction was ‘who is this absolutely gorgeous girl? She looks so sexy in her thick and very puffy red Marmot jacket!’ Then I was searching for other pictures online of lovely Steph and all I can say after seeing the other two images is…I Want MORE! MORE!! MORE!!!

    It goes without saying that these are the greatest images of puffer/down wear I have ever seen anywhere on the web. Why? To begin with Steph is a extremely attractive young lady with a beautiful face and her lovely features complement well with her red jacket and blue jeans, thus matching the two colours perfectly: also she’s photogenically gorgeous (isn’t it obvious by looking at her?) and her smile…it’s enough to warm your heart!

    The previous comments to this post have stolen my thunder of what I have to say of Steph and her amazing very thick, very puffy red Marmot jacket…except to say that I have seriously fallen head over heels in love with this young lady and I can’t get these images out of my head!
    I wonder if she’s now single? Because I am and I would love to meet her! (If she’s still with you Mark T, you are a very, very lucky man!)

    I will sign off to say that these three images of Steph will stay long in the consciousness of us puffy/down fans among us and it is my intention to
    set up a blog/fansite of her called ‘The Lady in Red’ so others can see what they are missing! So Mark T (I am so jealous of you right now!) could you please send us lots more images of Steph wearing that sexy red jacket and equally more puffy/down wear online so that she’ll become an internet modelling sensation…please?

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