Black The North Face “Crimptastic” down vest


4 thoughts on “Black The North Face “Crimptastic” down vest

  1. This is such a sexy vest. I love how the baffles on the front of the vest are so thick are bulging with down into a dome shape. The back of the vest looks equally good. Best of all they look to be covered in super smooth nylon. Let’s not forget the nice thick collar this vest has too.

    The model wearing it looks so hot in this. I can just imagine her being asked to model this vest; she probably jumped at the chance.

    Again, I would like to give a hug while she is wearing the vest and make sure I get to feel as much of it as possible. Making love to her while she wearing nothing but the vest would be a dream come true.

    If you are interested here are links to other good pictures of this vest (feel free to delete these links and my previous paragraph if they are not allowed in comments):

    Keep posting pictures of such vests, they are incredible.

  2. Apologies for my overly suggestive/kinky comments lately. I will keep all future comments clean. Please do keep the excellent pictures coming though. Happy New Year.

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