Black Jolina down coat


22 thoughts on “Black Jolina down coat

  1. If anyone lives in London you can buy them from wood green they are all over the place in the indoor shopping centre, they so come up very small am usually a m in jackets but mine is an xl, I bought mine do £50 hopefully they go down soon good luck finding it x

  2. Ordered this very one, so excited!

    Do a search on for “Jolina Jacke”, or “Daunenjacke”, or something along those lines. There are plenty of results.

  3. It arrived!!!

    my God it is so perfect! Really really puffy, very shiny, sqeaky nylon material, it hugs me tight and never lets me go! Such a dream!

  4. 2Mr:
    But make sure you do it secretly, for that behaviour might be construed as gay;)

    But once long ago I did try (in the fitting room) nylon Puma puffer for women – FUUUUCK!!!!!!
    They always make sexier shapes & materials for women than for men (((

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