Red Haglöfs down jacket


6 thoughts on “Red Haglöfs down jacket

  1. to fall asleep in that would be like falling asleep in a sleeping bag! so poofy! i love it! the collar must feel amazing around her neck and that hood looks like it would feel amazing also! definatly a sexy jacket!!

  2. Yep, that collar looks amazing as does the whole jacket!. I see more and more women zipping down jackets fully like this (and in the pictures on this site). It must give them a rush when they feel that smooth collar touch their neck.

    I would love to walk up to her and ask her to put the hood up. She probably would too! No woman could wear a jacket like that and not get some pleasure out of how it feels to wear it.

    Am I alone in thinking that manufacturers of women’s down jackets deliberately make them look so sexy? You only have to look at a jacket like this to think that. What about the new The North Face Nuptse 2 or even better the Crimptastic jacket? If making these jackets was all about the warmth, why would they make them from smooth nylon (and in the case of the Crimptastic evener sexier shiny nylon) and make the down baffles so thick that they bulge? Or make the collars so smooth on the inside (yes its about comfort but I am not convinced its 100% about comfort).

    Yeah its about waterproofing too but why go to so much effort to make them so irresitible? Unless that’s the intention, i.e. for women to love wearing them, look and feel sexy and to know that lots of men and women will see her and say, “Wow she looks great in that jacket”

    From the discussion I posted in the following post:

    I think it is about more and more women having a fetish for down and not being afraid to show it by wearing such jackets as often as they can. It was only today that I saw a good looking woman wearing a shiny and very sexy black down jacket similar to a Moncler Claire. She had her daughter walking alongside her wearing a down vest. I can only assume she is teaching her daughter to like down jackets as much as she does? Or perphaps I am simply thinking too deep into this?

  3. I think you’re going a bit too far with this interpretation. Of course they make clothes for women appealing, because women want to look attractive in what they wear… but I wouldn’t say it’s because of a fetish thing, no, definitely not.

  4. L. is right Jake, you are going too deep. The vast majority of people who wear down do it to keep warm and look good, but no more than that. They don’t get the “buzz” that you do.

  5. i agree also…

    for women, its just a jacket/coat that looks nice and keeps them warm. but,…. a woman may have a fetish for the coat and you/we just dont know….im sure guys arent the only ones with this fetish.. there has to be at least ONE women out there who has this fetish…. just wish i could find a girl who had a SHINY NYLON coat/jacket fetish just as i have. i couldnt even imagin what life would be like at home…. mmmmmm

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