Pink Nike ‘Cyclone’ rain jacket


3 thoughts on “Pink Nike ‘Cyclone’ rain jacket

  1. id loose my mind if i were in that room with all those runner chicks wearin them cyclones! i love how the girl up front with her hair pulled back is standing.. love the pose! the jacket fits her well

  2. Well – I haven’t tried this out in the rain yet. (yes, I know I’m reviewing a rain jacket) but I also bought this to go over my mesh jacket to extend the range into the 40s. The fit, features (minimal), and price are what I need. Having said that, this jacket is very thin and light. That has its benefits, but I might buy the Nitric if I had to do it again.

  3. Shitt !!! The girls in the center look awesome… I passed one hour to look at her.. She’s fantatic. Very sexy in this jacket.. Love

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