Black nylon pants


13 thoughts on “Black nylon pants

  1. OMG this is completely sexy! Who the hell gave this a 1 star rating??? If you don’t like shiny nylon what the hell are you doing on this site?

    • I am on this site because I love shiny nylon, this just isn’t a good picture. Why the hell do you like it so much?????

  2. Worst pic in this blog ever. Pants too short at the waist, jacket too short, all garment too thin, socks missing, stupid pose, …

  3. Though not my thing, one must accept that Shiny Nylon has a different interpretation for everyone. Me I prefer shiny nylon/down/puffy, but remember this website is shiny nylon and some are gong to really like this kind of picture.

    • totally agree Mr Wilson…. personally, the pants arent to bad.. i like how there super low-rise and the shine. dont care for the cuffs on the ankles, and the jacket i have no comment lol…

    • Really shows how immature you are when you resort to creating a log in just so you can call names. What are you, 10 years old?

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