Black The North Face ‘Nuptse’ down jacket


10 thoughts on “Black The North Face ‘Nuptse’ down jacket

    • From the Nuptse jacket are a women and a men version available. I try both, but I also prefer the women version and I have a normal men body! But I had to take the XL size. By the men version the M size would have been correct.

      I think, never see the difference. I got some compliments for my new “cool jacket”! One compliment comes from a young woman! 🙂

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a picture like this. This is a group of women that I would very much like to meet. All of them look amazing in those jackets.

  2. looks like the blonde is wearin a mens coat. it has the bigger TNF Logo. ive been noticing that womens jackets have a smaller logo… wonderful picture!! i love The North Face!!!

    • I think that the middle Nuptse is the older, puffier, better style..the fabric is better too, you can see the difference in the picture.

    • That’s true it could be a Photo-shopped picture (albeit an elaborate one) but it could also simply be 3 women who like Nuptse jackets.

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