Black The North Face ‘Triple C’ down coat

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19 thoughts on “Black The North Face ‘Triple C’ down coat

  1. That’s a slightly older Triple C, which is a sort of longer Metropolis. The current one has a different quilt pattern, particularly at the belt-line at the back.

    • Could a male wear one? Yes, because the cut isn’t too hourglass like. I’d have said that the Metropolis could be worn by a male too, but now so many ladies have them! Transit would also be an option. Just make sure it’s a size larger so that it’s not tight on your body.

    • Do you mean the new transit? Or the old version with the horizontal and vertical stitching?

    • More the older Transit jacket. Length was short on the Transit, medium on the Metropolis and long on the Triple C. A male could certainly wear the older Transit. Metropolis is so well known now, but if you don’t mind the occasional look (it will be fun!) and the Triple C rare enough that few will know for sure.

    • Some will know that you’re a male wearing a ladies’ coat. So you’ll get some who’ll be looking at you in wonder. That’s all. And you’ll know for sure, so it will be fun to see who knows and who doesn’t!

    • Oh okay. What will people say or think at my school if I wore one of these amazing coats around campus?

  2. Apart from bras[sieres], which are designed for women anatomy, sinc they have a greater breast, there is no reason to label a garment as masculine or feminine: it is a mere question of personal taste, so that any kind of clothes can be worn either by men or women.
    If one would stay warm in cold days, especially with strong wind, there is nothing better than a full length down coat. I bought a North Face Enchantment coat, as listed in:

    but in 2XL size: it is just a bit tight, but it is light and comfortably warm, because it is 55″ long; furthermore, I like hourglass cut, which allows to walk without hobbling even with the last press stud at hem level is fastened.

    • From the pictures I’ve seen the Enchantment coat is like the older Triple C coat.

      There’s also a new design of Triple C for 2013/2014. Zipper seems to go further down the front of the coat.

  3. I have the current Triple C in grey and it has a belted look at the waist and a lot of flare, quite a feminine shape that not every guy would be comfortable wearing. My black Metropolis is less obviously a ladies coat…it looks perfectly fine on a guy.

  4. Correctly focused subject: I have some fat at waist line, so that the coat is not too comfotable, even if it is wearable. Anyway, I prefer feminine shaped garments, because of their prettier line than masculine ones, which are mere cylinders, as men’s body must be put into a sack.

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