Purple The North Face ‘Venture’ rain jacket

The-North-Face-Venture-Jacket-T-5062-29364-1-zoom The-North-Face-Venture-Jacket-T-5062-29364-2-zoom The-North-Face-Venture-Jacket-T-5062-29364-3-zoom The-North-Face-Venture-Jacket-T-5062-29364-5-zoom


7 thoughts on “Purple The North Face ‘Venture’ rain jacket

  1. Is this site called Shiny Nylon or Any Old Nylon?? I don’t understand, the caption says, “Let the nylon shine”. How does this possibly fit here???

  2. I agree. Seems that some people are not rating the photo based on the jacket but rather on how good the girl looks.

    • Free has nothing to do with it- I’m not questioning the webowners right to put whatever he wants on here, I just don’t get how this fits. If you went to a site called Dog Lovers Only and it featured pictures of cats, wouldn’t you wonder what was up? This site is called Shiny Nylon yet it has pictures of the un-shiniest nylon imaginable. Why?

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