Black The North Face down coat

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9 thoughts on “Black The North Face down coat

    • For some reason I don’t think this is a North Face… I searched they’re website and found nothing… Also, there’s what appears to be a logo on her left arm which don’t look like any of North Face’s logos they normally use like they’re Flight Series or Summit Series logos… I could be wrong. Although, there’s a blacked out number on the left cuff which North Face does use to determine the type of down used… And there’s no logo on the chest area… Could it be a older coat?! Regardless it’s a nice coat worn by a beautiful woman.

    • It’s the North Face Paulette. If you google that you’ll find lots of info. The collar detail is particularly lovely…it folds up to make a soft, snug, high, standup collar that looks great.

    • Yes you are right about that collar… It’s thick, it’s high…. I’m sure it’s real soft… Mmmmm. I bet it feels amazing, especially since its a peacoat style, like you said, you basically wrap yourself in it… I wish they offered it in the same shimmery black material that they used in making the “Aconcagua” jacket, instead of the flat black and charcoal blacks… It still looks amazing tho.. I have the Aconcagua jacket with the black shimmer and absolutely love the look and feel of it. It just runs a Lil short in the sleeves. 😦 then again I am tall…
      Thanks again for the name 🙂

  1. Loving this coat. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more double breasted down coats in which to wrap yourself!

  2. It’s a shame this site is dead. I miss seeing all the beautiful coats on the beautiful ladies. I recently and finally got me a long coat like this by Calvin Klien. It’s amazing. It’s shiny black like in the second picture of this North Face and has a removable hood. It’s super soft to the touch and feels amazing when I wear it. It’s super feminine all around and it is now one of my favorites. I like to double the fun and exitement and wear it while I wear my North Face “Thunder” when I’m just lounging around at home. I want another long coat now!

    …And I miss this site!

    • I agree Eddie, I really miss this blog too. Still, I’m glad to hear that you’re having fun with your coats!

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