Grey Moncler down coat

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10 thoughts on “Grey Moncler down coat

  1. Quite a simple, but very beautiful cut. Mmmm i love those two-way zippers, she could have been able to unzip the bottom pull to the waistline or a bit higher…

    • The Meina has popper closure on the front whereas the Moka is a full zip. The hood is more sculptured on the Moka too, the Meina is just like any other hood. Pocket on the front with the Meina, on the left sleeve on the Moka. Also the Meina has a stitching line out from the shoulder onto the sleeve. I’m fortunate to have both, but it’s the Moka that’s my favourite of all.

  2. This photo is actually from a listing on ebay where this jacket is being sold. Love the jacket and the overall look.

  3. What do you think about Men wearing this coat ? I bought one in size 6 and its the moste beautifull thing thant I ever owned. I guess Moncler has here the Masterpice of Downcoat, what do you say ?

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