Red The North Face ‘Venture’ rain jacket



5 thoughts on “Red The North Face ‘Venture’ rain jacket

    • It’s an amazing jacket, and much shiney than you think i have one and it is one of the best north face jackets ever!!

    • John, I don’t think any of the jackets are shiny, but some aren’t too flat/dull in color.. I still love them. Columbia makes a same style precip/wind-breaker that is brighter in color and gives it almost like a shimmer to it. It’s their Switchback II jacket.. I’ve seen many women wear it and it has a very nice fit. The material is also not as loud.. And It’s not a dull black. It’s hard to describe. I will attach a link from Amazon. The picture does no justice to what it actually looks like in person. I think I want one.

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