Brown All Saints down jacket

IMG_4326_pp IMG_4395 IMG_4480_pp IMG_4516 IMG_4524 IMG_4538


10 thoughts on “Brown All Saints down jacket

  1. I would love to wrap my arms tightly as I can around this pretty young lady with that thick, puffy sexy jacket of hers…and I like the collar too! Thanks for the link to more of these lovely pics, shinynylon!

    • Well Mr Jolina should I ever encounter a female customer (either young or middle-aged) wearing one of these stunningly sexy thick puffy jackets at my workplace I would not resist touching it all over (and the collar!)

  2. Nice jacket. Buy this one on Ebay for only 50 Euro. It’s very puffy and thick to play with it! I prefer to put a massive cum load over this jacket very often)))

    • I bet you can imagine what it will be like to touch Magdalena’s thick soft puffy collar when it is soaking wet with rain all over it and the rest of her jacket… and I should know what it feels like to touch a woman’s puffy coat or jacket because I have been doing so at my workplace!!!

  3. Buy another one on Ebay today (for 35 pounds). Waiting for parcel to delivery))) Pics upon request, boys!

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