Black Moncler down coat

o_76733 o_76729 o_76724 o_76735


7 thoughts on “Black Moncler down coat

  1. I found the website that sold these but I got the impression that they were fake Moncler Moka coats. Two reasons, firstly the logo didn’t look right on the sleeve and secondly the Moka style has been updated for a couple of years since this. Hood doesn’t look right either. I may be wrong, but that’s just the impression I got when comparing with the real one I have.

    However, they do still look rather nice.

  2. Shame it’s a fake as it’s a otherwise acorfeous coat…fabulous shine without looking cheap. I don’t buy fakes as a rule but would be happy to own and wear this one.

  3. She is so sexy in that coat. Would really like to walk the streets her beside me and feeling that puffness and wet feel of the fabrics.

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