Black Moncler ‘Moka’ down coat

Gorsuch Moncler Moka alt1 Gorsuch Moncler Moka alt2 Gorsuch Moncler Moka main


5 thoughts on “Black Moncler ‘Moka’ down coat

  1. She looks all wrapped up for the forthcoming cold days and nights doesn’t she? Not only is she an attractive young woman, but also her physical features (blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin) effortlessly complements her lovely thick puffy Moncler coat and her jumper and scarf extremely well. Perfection!

  2. Another fantastic picture set of the amazing Moka coat, one of the best down coats ever been made. In combination with a beautiful woman it is P E R F E C T :-)) Gentlemen, you’re looking at a goddess of winterfashion!:-D

  3. You got that right Harry! I am sure that this is not the last time we will be seeing this stunning young lady in pics like these sexy puffy/down outerwear in the coming months…

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