After years of crawling though not-well designed forums and dead-link groups of all sorts I finally decided to do something about a create my own website for me and fellow lovers of shiny nylon clothes on women like sportspants, down jackets vests and coats and rain jackets. The premise is to find the best photography of women in amazing fashion.

You can help this site by making comments and rate photos you like, as this will provide me with info what the visitors like to see more.

You can also send me your best photos, shops or links to shinynylon@live.com


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  1. Love that things with the tags on the side. I pretty much only love North Face down jackets so it is a great way to only see what I really want. Keep the updates coming and not only Moncler please.

  2. If you have any corrections about the model name or anything else feel free to post it in the comments. I will change it accordingly.

  3. This is a great site, good work. I personally WAY prefer the puffy stuff to the flat nylon windbreaker jackets but this site has something for every nylon fashion lover!

  4. Hello!.
    My name is jorge and I am from Valencia (Spain).As expert that you are in the topic, I comment on you.My wife is a designer of clothes and we are looking for a brilliant fabricto make a jacket type parkasite. I do not find the fabric to make it of Spain.You know of some site(place) in Internet where I could find the fabric.
    Thank you very much.
    Jorge Muro.

  5. I am mostly interested in The North Face. Keep the pictures of Nuptse jackets, Nuptse vests, Metropolis parkas and Triple C coats coming.

    I would like to see some photos of The North Face Destiny jacket (with and without the hood up). Especially the older version of this jacket where the front zip is slightly offset to the left of the jacket.

  6. Love the site. I pretty much love The North face Jackets & Vests but want to know more on Moncler now. May even try and see if i can find one and own one.

    I am looking at a TNF vest at the moment, only problem is that they done make it in a guys version so am looking at a woman’s one, hope not to look stupid. But as long as Im warm, who cares??? Im looking for something similar to TNFs Furallure vest for what Im after.

    Any help on this one would really help.

  7. why joe sampson. how come you dont like nylon pants on women. how could that not turn you on. its so awesome.

  8. What a magnificent site. Made me realise that people who share my interests aren’t weird, and that neither am I.

  9. Hi I’m new to this site and was just wondering if it was just men on this site? I’ve never met women who share my fetish for nylon. Oh and BTW I love the site!

  10. Missing your postings on this excellent blog -I do hope that all is well and that you are able/willing to start again.

  11. im so glad i found this site. im a guy, who is 100% STRAIGHT, attracted to women n women only, yet i have a fetish for womens clothing, mainly jackets/coats and jeans/pants. 99.9% of normal guys n gals in todays world would find me gay, but im NOT attracted to the same sex. im more into jackets than anything. im learning to love winter time only cause thats when the jackets come out lol. TNF is my all time fav brand.. their Thunder jacket is the one that really grabs my attention. i can keep going on but im not… love the site! ill check up often ! Thanks!

    • great site, but i can´t download because i don´t use paypal. Can we find an other way for your all Photosets?

  12. I love the puffy, padded, nylon/satin stuff, but also love the thin shiny nylon stuff as well. Do you have any links for that? Thanks for the great site. It’s like a artistic museum of shiny hot chicks!

  13. Thanks for sharing your web-finds with us! I like the reason for creating this blog. It was the same for me, because doing things on your own is not so frustrating than crawling around the web, looking for some interesting stuff.
    Great site! :n)

  14. Hi,

    It would be so awesome if you could show pictures of Duvetica downcoats and especially of the great Woolrich Arctic Parka and Luxury models in future.

    Thank you for your attention and your great work. Keep on!

  15. best down site on the net. im one of those guys who is isolated by having this fetish for womens down jackets. I cant get enough of them. i love to wear them and i wish i knew women who would share in it with me. thanks for sharing all these pics and helping to keep some of us sane.

    • Same here brother.. You are not alone… the jacket/coat is like one of the first things I notice on a woman. I’m always curious of what brand it is espically if its cute and eye catching. A nice jacket can make a unattractive woman attractive.. at least in my point of view… theres something about womens jackets lol… And it has to be a women’s jacket, the men’s versions just don’t do it for me. I think it’s cause the women’s style hugs the body snug whereas the men’s versions are more loose fitting and baggy. I would love to find a women who shares the same fetish as us. They are rare, but I’m sure theyre out there. Yes, It’s an odd fetish, and most of Society would find us gay but were not gay… Being gay is, being attracted to the same sex, period… Not Inanimate objects…

    • No, this doesn’t make me gay. It makes me more attracted…. in the right direction.:)

  16. A belated happy Christmas to the author(s) of this marvellous blog, and to down fans wherever you are. I hope that Santa brought you all something nice!

  17. And I would also like to add my sentiments as expressed by PinkNuptse by saying thank you to Shinynylon for this great blogsite and wishing you belated Season’s Greetings and to all truly dedicated followers of puffy/down wear everywhere!

    • This:

      “Yes, It’s an odd fetish, and most of Society would find us gay but were not gay… Being gay is, being attracted to the same sex, period… Not Inanimate objects…”

      Well,it isn’t gay, but it might come off as feminine.

    • I would say it’s a Fetish for feminine fit coats and jackets. Personally I do not and won’t wear them in public. It’s definatly a “behind closed doors” type of a thing, for me at least. Wearing them is almost like an act of foreplay in a way. The snug fit, the feeling of the material and the sound nylon material makes is a turn on. It’s hard and complicated to explain, but what odd fetish isn’t?!

  18. I work for a certain chain of department stores as a customer assistant and this week I served two middle-aged women over the counter – one who wore a very thick and puffy pink jacket and the other a light beige hooded puffer coat. As I talked to these two women on separate occasions about the stormy and windy weather in the UK I managed – cheekily – to place my fingers on their wrists, to see if their sexy puffy wear did withstand the rain. And I – to quote Eddie’s words – was being very turned on…in fact I probably overheated!!! And the funny thing is : these ladies did not mind at all!

    • Sometimes I wish I could walk up to a woman wearing a nylon jacket and politely ask if I could touch/feel it. But I know it would be extremely weird and awkward on her part so I don’t.. I also wish I could just say “hey! I like your jacket” but I don’t cause I know I would get weird looks.. What happened in your situation is almost a dream come true! Being you work in a clothing store makes it easier for you to spark up a conversation I bet.. Are u a shiny nylon/down coat lover as well? Or was this a first experience with one of these sexy coats? @ Mark Foster

    • Mark Foster – lucky guy!)))

      Eddie TNF Lover
      Oh dude, you REEEALLLY need to know how to approach strange young ladies (esp. on the street) about anything. One wrong twitch – and you’ll be a super-dooper WEIRDO!!! ))) Once I followed a hot woman in an extremely sexy coat (very hard-to find combination) another people with her for several blocks all the way to supermarket,thinking to myself: “Oh, that’s probably suuuuper creepy!”. Luckily, neither she or other people with her ever bothered, I stayed well back.
      Here’s a possible solution: buy yourself the jacket/coat that arouses you the most, then find yourself a pretty girl to fit into it. If you find a girl, then voila! your dream comes true. That’s my plan for 2 Jolina puffers I already ordered.

      P. S. I sometimes managed to steal a touch at nylon stuff in the company of people that I know, not out in the street.

  19. Funnily enough Eddie, the first woman who I served this week (I work at the Foods Section) bought two light pink scarves for herself and I pointed out to her that they would suit her well with her matching thick, puffy jacket and she agreed! So I will definitely compliment her with her pink, puffy look and I am sure she’ll remember me! (I will remind her if she doesn’t!)

    Now although I have touched a puffy coat before in a clothes shop on display, it was the first time I have ever placed my hand on a woman wearing it! And the fact that she – and the other middle-aged lady who came to my till yesterday – allowed me to do it made me think: do they know what I am thinking when I touched them? Even as I am writing this to you I could not believe that I did!

    So yes Eddie, I am a big fan of this very sexy and provocative style of fashion. But what I would like to ask you and fellow admirers of puffy/down wear is this: do you think that it makes an older, middle-aged woman look younger and attractive wearing such coats and jackets (the ladies in question were in their fifties)? I certainly do and I see a lot of them where I work? What about you?

    • When I see an older woman wearin down coats n jackets, like in her late 40’s n older, I always say to myself “damn, she knows how to dress”. I don’t think it makes them look younger, the coat or jacket just makes them look good! Now when I see elderly women wearing them, I just notice the coat and say to myself “nice jacket but poor jacket” lol.

      I myself have 3 down jackets and 2 windbreaker/rain jackets that are for women. I have the Anconcagua in shimmery black by The North Face, the Thunder Jacket in black by The North Face and The Powder Pillow jacket by Columbia. The Thunder jacket is my favorite. It fits snug and the feeling of the material is so soft to the touch. I just wish it had a hood. That’s why I bought the Columbia jacket cause it has a hood. I want to buy the Thunder vest so I can wear that with the Columbia jacket mmmm.. The sleeves in the columbia jacket are very fitting and I can’t manage to get the sleeves of the Thunder jacket thru the sleeves of the Columbia jacket without cutting of circulation to my hands lol. The columbia I got in a 1X plus size so I can wear another jacket underneath but being tall (6’3″) makes it tight in the shoulders, short in sleeve length and sometimes overall length. I thought the plus size would fix that but it just gave me more room in the body area but that’s ok, a vest will work just fine.

      I’d love to own a shiny Moncler jacket but $800+ is way out of my price range haha.. I make good money but 800 is a lot of money for something that can’t leave my home😕

    • I paid way more than $800 for my Parkasite down pants and jacket, however, I’ll only wear them once in a blue moon, so they won’t get worn out too soon.

  20. Nah, old women don’t work no matter what they wear. If a woman is pretty or at least cute, then a sexy puffy nylon thing will emphasize it.

  21. You will be very lucky to find a very attractive young lady who loves wearing puffy/down wear, nylonmanic – but then there lots of younger female customers and not just older women (meaning in their forties and fifties) who I see wearing them where I work! I will say this: another middle-aged lady I saw yesterday wore a very well padded, thick and puffy dark blue hooded coat which got strongly held my attention while I was serving other people at the till!

    She was just coming to my till and then there is always a customer who spoils things with a technical problem! So this puffy-coated lady had to go to the queue behind me! Damn! Well I hope I will meet this lady next time but today I saw a younger, attractive, blonde-haired woman wearing a similar coat but just as she was going to buy something, she was leaving the store! Oh well, she’ll be back soon – hopefully. Yes, I am a very, very lucky guy…

    • Um… well, the puffers are already on their way, should arrive in a week or 2 (unless some $-it happens). If I don’t find a lady any time soon, then at least I’ll get to play with the puffers.
      Why, not so many pretty ladies like puffy down wear?

  22. There are lots of them about nylonmanic! There was one particular young lady I spoke to yesterday as she needed help for a heatlhy meal for herself and her friend and she was a charming girl. The fact I was talking to her for about three minutes as I focused on her black, shiny puffer hooded coat while she was having a friendly conversation with me says something…

    • Maybe there are lots in the US, but here in Canada a pretty girl/young lady in a shiny puffer is a rare catch (or maybe I should walk around a big city more often?).

  23. That was exactly what I thought when I met these two middle-aged women this week and they did look great in them! I think because we associate puffy/down coats and jackets with younger ladies because of how they are designed and the material to manufacture them was the reason I thought their older counterparts have a youthful look and style while wearing them.

    Funnily enough Eddie, I am convinced that the second older lady was wearing an hooded Powder Pillow hooded jacket as I was looking at photos of it in Google – but it was a beige colour. So you have a good idea what she was wearing in front of me and great she was in it too! I hope to see her and the lady in puffy pink this week!

    • Here in Alaska, you don’t see many shiny style jackets. I don’t even think I’ve even seen a Moncler in person. All you see here is North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, Marmot, Mountain Hardware ect ect… The “outdoor” gear style jackets I guess I could say. Them brands do have a few super shiny jackets in there line-ups but nothing like Moncler and other high end company’s that specialize in super shiny material. I think you only find them jackets and coats in big metropolis cities.. We have close to 300k people here where I’m at. And the majority of women who wear these sexy coats n jackets age ranges between high school and 40years old.. I’m in my early 30’s and I think they look best on 20-40 year olds.. I see a elderly woman once a week as I drive to work and she wears my favorite Thunder jacket and I see the jacket and I think to myself, “poor jacket” lol

  24. Thanks for your insight about the lack of puffy coats and jackets in Canada, nylonmanic. Even as I stumbled across this site http://www.canada-goose.com/women/, I have come to the conclusion that they all look very conservative winter fashion to me. And I like you would not wear a puffy coat or jacket because I am an old-fashioned person!

    Once again it boils down to your own individual taste in fashion and style. But then I have always said and I agree with everybody here that puffy/down winter wear looks better in women than men because as Eddie said, they have a feminine look to them which would not be the same if it applied to a man wearing such garments. With a woolly hat, a matching scarf, blue denim jeans and thigh-length black leather boots, a woman would look fantastic if she wore everything that I described…even much better than ever before!

    It’s a matter of curiosity to us why we guys love seeing ladies – young girls and older middle-aged women – wearing these. Maybe they want to feel more sexy and attractive wearing them and be noticed and appreciated by us men. Well I did just that this week in my workplace and the two older ladies who came to my till liked it! Touching their wrists encased in soft, silky, puffy material was I thought a great sense of a warm feeling between myself and these women. And you know what they say that the female wrist is a weak spot, triggering off a woman’s hormonal reaction when she’s made physical contact with a man…could they be coming back for more?? YES!!!

    • “And you know what they say that the female wrist is a weak spot, triggering off a woman’s hormonal reaction when she’s made physical contact with a man…could they be coming back for more?? YES!!!”

      Couldn’t that be a way to hitch women?:) Just touch them gently on the wrist?

      Yep, canadian wear is pretty conservative. Maybe majority of them think shiny is kind of vulgar.

    • Mark, I’d say that 99.999% of women who wear shiny down jackets and coats wear them because they are warm and fashionable, and would be mortified to discover that the jackets and coats were the subject of a predominantly male fetish scene.

    • Why,would that be an indignity to these coats if we guys tried them on?:)
      Wouldn’t that be a compliment to women that their stuff turns us on?

  25. Of course nylonmanic! Apart from admiring their sexy and stylish puffer coats they were wearing why else did I touch these older women’s soft, warm, silky and puffy nylon material-covered wrists? It is after all described as an erogenous zone which triggers off a hormonal reaction with a warm sensual sensation in their puffy-coated bodies and they did not mind me touching them!

  26. @Eddie TNF

    A North Face Catalyst Micro jacket or the original catalyst jacket has the same design as the Thunder jacket but has a hood. Sorry if you had already considered this.

    I agree. Women would be mortified if they knew that down jackets were the object of desire for just a few men.

    @ Mark Foster: You are a very lucky guy getting to meet so many women especially wearing thick down jackets/coats. Unlike you I would not have asked or even tried to touch a woman’s wrist. To some women even asking could make them think it’s a bit weird or worse. However I am very pleased that you did it and that it worked for you.

    Like Eddie I try to keep my love of puffy jackets to myself, it is not something I would admin to since not many would understand it like we do.

    I agree with PinkNuptse that women wear these jackets since they are warm and fashionable. I have met a woman in work that really liked her jacket (as I describe in the link below) but I am not sure if you could describe it as a fetish or not:


    In the last number of weeks I have noticed a woman of about 30 wearing a brown Nuptse jacket (the same type as shown in the link below) in my workplace.


    She sits 2 desks away from me to the right and I have line of sight. She goes to a lot of meetings during the day and she walks between the building next door to those meetings. Even though the walk is only about 1 minute long she always fully zips her Nuptse jacket and adjusts the collar before leaving. She even walks around the office wearing it like this until she is back at her desk (10 or 15 minutes at time). I have also seen her wear it zipped 3/4 when she is working for 1 or 2 hours after everyone has left for the evening. I work on the later shift with a colleague of mine and this when I see her wearing the jacket at her desk.

    For me, that jacket is very sexy but I would not have the nerve to say to her she looks great in it or ask her any other questions. Whether she simply likes the jacket or if there is more to it than that, I don’t know.

    I do see a lot of women wearing puffy jackets and coats going to and from work and at the weekends. Most are North Face (the Metropolis Parka and Nuptse jacket being the most popular), Mountain Hardwear and Rab. But I have seen more and more women wearing Moncler Badia jackets which look fantastic. Some also wear the North Face Crimptastic jacket which is also a favorite of mine.

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, I really enjoyed them. Please continue to share them.

    • About that lady at your work:
      Is she a tough chick that you dare not say what you want to say? Or because you never talked to her before? If you ever have a casual conversation with her, that’s when you might slip a word about her jacket in between.

    • Hi nylonmaniac,

      Thanks for your question.

      The lady at my work, in my opinion she isn’t a tough chick but she isn’t afraid to say what she thinks about anyone (usually in a playful way). She is the kind that won’t be pushed around.
      She is a good looking brunette (not very different from Steph, that Mark really likes (and quite rightly)).

      I have spoke to her twice a few months ago, once was just small talk and another time to answer her question why my colleague and I were the only ones working late? She strikes me as very approachable but you are right nylonmaniac, only in a casual conversation would it be right to briefly mention her jacket.

      What really turns me on is that every time she puts on her jacket she fully zips it up and then adjusts the collar to ensure its upright at the front and back and that it covers as much of her neck as possible before leaving. The fact that she wears her jacket zipped up at her desk in the evenings also turns me on. While it gets ever so slightly cold in the office in the evenings, you don’t need a thick North Face jacket to stay warm.

      I would love to ask her why she likes the jacket and does she find it keeps her warm in the cold weather during the winter but I would have to ask carefully. Those questions might seem casual but they could be understood the wrong way.

      I have not heard any of her colleagues mention her jacket (not even her female colleagues). If you are wondering how I would hear this, her desk is close to mine and you can hear almost everything said where I work, its pretty open and so sound travels.

      I realize not everyone likes the North Face Nuptse jacket but for me it is my favorite and this lady really wears it well.

  27. I personally think the first one as seen here Jake does not have a fetish look to it as to me it looks like one that has around for many years as worn by mountaineers and the like.

    But your situation in your workplace sounds very much like mine but it is something – like all manner of personal thoughts which may consider to being very naughty and kinky! – to keep something yourself, at the risk of being strange! But there is nothing wrong with a passing compliment to a lady if she looks good and smell nice – and believe me, I have been doing so to a very beautiful woman who I have known in my workplace for over six years and she’s a very close friend of mine!

    In response to nylonmanic: both ladies who came to my till last week were very charming customers and nice to talk to. As I said they had no problems with me touching their puffy-coated wrists, so I must be doing something right! I forgot to mention that another middle-aged woman – an attractive blonde – came to my till on Friday. She wore a slim, black, puffy hooded coat and although I did not touch her arm and wrist – I shook her hand and I introduced myself to her and she did the same to me. Why I did I not touch her coat? Because her husband was with her…

    l will inform you guys of any brief encounters I will have with these puffy-coated women during the winter months in my workplace. Who knows, I may build new friendships with them and a large following! I am still desperate to meet that middle-aged woman who nearly went to my till, as she wore an extremely thick and very puffy blue hooded coat. I would love to get my hands on her wrist and arm! I wonder if she’s married? If she’s single, I would not say NO!!!

    • Well today I did get to meet face-to-face with this attractive, middle-aged woman who I wrote about some time ago that she wore a thick, puffy, blue hooded coat. I spotted her as she was walking along the food department and I made every effort to serve customers quickly so she can come to my till!

      There definitely was a strong sense of interactive communication between the two of us, and at the end this brief encounter which lasted about five minutes I introduced myself by writing my name on the lady’s receipt because she also received a note about a online survey in regards to how her shopping experience was and she may be asked who she was being served by. The next time – because it was so busy today – I will ask her what her name is because we had a good conversation.

      In regards to her thick, puffy, hooded coat – it was this but in lighter blue: http://www.rohan.co.uk/womens-travel-and-outdoor-insulated-clothing-Nightfall-Jacket?ocode=03516142. I gave the lady a soft, firm grip in her left arm as we spoke, feeling the puffy nylon material that seems to have totally protected her body from the rain which has been pouring down occasionally as she has told me but she herself has not been caught in it today. So all in all, I am pleased that my first meeting with this charming and lovely lady has gone down well and when I will be seeing her again either working on the till or in the floor, I will be giving more complimentary comments about her Rohan puffer coat!

      Oh, one more thing: she’s a married woman: she’s got a gold ring on her finger. Where’s that beautiful green puffy coated Asian girl who I spoke to on Monday evening…?

  28. However, my fetish only extends to those things made of shiny nylon. If not for that squeaky shiny material, I would not care much about women’s stuff. That Nuptse jacket to which Jake referred doesn’t stir me.

    • I agree, that coat only has one purpose, warmth lol. I have the men’s version in the nuptse for the harsh cold days and it’s very warm.. The woman’s version has no feminity to it. But every has there taste. Now I think if the coat had a fur lined hood, it would add some spark to it. Again that’s just my opinion. I like the nylon windbreakers/rain jacket from the north face like the Venture jacket.. I like the crinkling sound and how it looks on a woman.. I got the men’s version and it is a great jacket overall. It will keep u dry. Also I love the shiny stuff as well … I like all nylon based jackets really.. Some are rough feeling, some are super soft and honestly I have yet to feel a shiny nylon jacket.. I’ve felt shiny pants but they were polyurethane or PVC.. They were by the brand Lip Service.. One day I’ll get my chance with a true shiny nylon jacket… Till then, the lightweight mid-layer down jackets will be my #1. I remember the first jacket that started this whole fetish thing.. It was a North Face “Flash” jacket. A buddy brought his wife to work one day and she was wearing it. I didn’t kno at the time but after some research, I found the name of it.. It’s very similar to the Thunder jacket with the baffle patterns but it was super shiny like the Diaz jacket.. Anyway my mouth dropped… I seen the jacket and then I seen her and wow.. The snug fitting fit perfect on her… Once I found one on eBay but all they had was size wise was XS.. I watched for awhile on eBay for more and none came. Then later on I found out it was a rare jacket North Face made and they don’t make it anymore. It was part of the Flight Series. The Thunder jacket was similar but made with 550 Down,not shiny and is part of the Summit Series…. I want a vest badly at this moment… Something about wearin a vest along with one of my jackets… I am on the hunt

  29. Now I don’t wish to make you guys jealous but I had a good day at work meeting a lot of puffy-coated women!

    The ones who stand out were an attractive blonde Spanish woman who like some of the other girls enjoyed me touching her arm, shoulder and chest and she, like them, wore black hooded puffy coats! This woman wore a blue top and exposed her tanned chest! I won’t forget about her at all? Could she be a potential girlfriend?

    The other one was another blonde woman wearing glasses and she wore a light brown puffer hooded coat and I did the same too and she appreciated a comment I made to her saying she looked very stylish for winter, along with her black scarf. Who knows will I will be making brief encounters with other sexy, young and older middle-aged thick. puffy-coated women tomorrow?

    • Hi Mark,

      Please do keep the stories of who you meet at work coming. I really like them. Thanks.

  30. My pleasure Jake! Unfortunately despite seeing lots of them in and around the shop floor I could not get to serve many of them because everybody else gets to do it! Despite this I met two blonde-haired attractive young women (I seem to be drawing to a lot of blondes like there’s no tomorrow!) yesterday and today:

    They respectively wore a long, black hooded puffy nylon coat and I managed to touch and feel the zip vest attached to it inside at her chest and a hooded blue puffy hooded jacket and I touched her forearm and wrist, while telling her that I like what she wore and this stylish necklace that she had, and she laughed when I said that she looked like a million dollars in it and she took it as a compliment! In addition there was a middle-aged woman (yes…another blonde!) who looked absolutely gorgeous in her thick, puffy deep-blue furry puffer coat. She even unzipped it only to reveal that she wore a pink top. She looked ravishingly sexy I must tell you! But just as I was about to touch, feel and compliment her coat…her husband happened to be with her. Damn!

    And Jake – I envy you that you work with a pretty young lady who looks like my favourite girl on the web: but if Steph came to my store in the London area with that stunning red puffy jacket of hers I would die!!!

    • So who have I been seeing today in my efforts to establish a group of puffy-coated girlfriends at my department store in the London area?

      Well to begin with two young blonde-haired ladies came to my attention with two stunning puffy coats: the first one she told me came from a shop in London called Josephs in Sloane Square at a cost of…£500. £500!!! That was the very first time I have touched a coat or jacket costing that much – and I had to remind myself of that price as I gently held this young woman’s left muscle and forearm, while telling her that I admired her very expensive black, hooded puffy coat!

      The other blonde – and I am sorry that I did not have more time to talk to her about it as it extremely busy in the food department where I work – wore a very sexy shiny grey hooded puffy Moncler coat. Let me tell you, she looked so stunningly beautiful in it and she had a great figure to match with it! It’s worth saying a friendly hello to her and having a mutual chat with her in the food floor soon! And this also applies to another very attractive young woman who was Asian (as in British Indian heritage as far as I can make out of looking at her ethnic features) and I complimented her in saying that she looked very stylish and pretty by dressing herself in green: matching very thick puffy jacket which she bought from Benetton as she tells me, along with hat and scarf. She certainly made a big impression to me!

      Also today I met two middle-aged women: one who I met just before Christmas and she wore a black hooded puffy coat and I touched her hood, shoulder, left muscle and forearm and her body was nicely encased with soft, light, fluffy, nylon material. We had a nice, light-hearted conversation and the same applied to another lady – with a furry hood in her coat – who I served on the till, while packing her wine shopping. Two younger women who I encountered with today wore blue puffy coats: as it was raining in London it gave me a good excuse to keep touching this lady’s arm (she wore a hat and glasses) three times by drying the rain in her coat and she seemed to have great pleasure in me doing so!

      And another one – like the girl with the green jacket from Benetton – looked very stylish and lovely with her blue, silky, puffy blue coat which she told me she bought it from TK Maxx and along with it she wore a black scarf that goes down nicely with it and finally – and this is something I will be doing and should have all this time as personalised customer service – is to introduce myself to these lovely women, which I did at the end of the day to a nice young Australian lady who I touched her wrist as she wore a white puffer down jacket with a black zip.

      More brief encounters in my world of puffy-coated women coming soon!

  31. Lots of lovely female puffy-coated action today: they include a young woman who wore this https://shinynylon.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/black-the-north-face-triple-c-down-coat-4/ and she’s the second lady that I got to grips (literally!)
    with by giving her a nice, soft firm grip in her upper arm as I gave her a compliment about it as indeed all the ladies I encountered today. (I had an older female customer coming to my till wearing the same North Face coat yesterday. and that was the first time I placed my hand on one – while being worn by a woman!)

    Otherwise from that, today has been a great day of brief and memorable encounters between myself and these lovely, puffy-coated women as we all had good conversations mostly about the rainy weather which leads me to complimenting their puffy wear and touching their arms!

    They were a lady who wore a light green hooded puffy coat and I got to touch her soft, silky puffy sleeve and hood: a woman who I really got on very well as I told her that I liked what she was wearing when we spoke:
    a lovely belted black fur collared padded down coat from ASDA (UK supermarket firm) and as we were talking her daughter called her to find out when she’ll be arriving to meet her! I even touched her gold belt buckle around her lower stomach (now that is really naughty – talk about being below the belt here!) and she was laughing with embarrassment during this time as I kept touching her thick, padded sleeved-arm while I talked to her! I wonder what she’s going to say to her daughter?

    But the standout of the day was a colleague of mine who works in another department in the store and she wore – and this is has to be the best looking and the most stylish puffer coat I have seen in the last few weeks (apart from that young lady’s green jacket on Monday) and it was from Calvin Klein. When I saw her she stood out like as though she had come from heaven as an angel: she was encased in pure shiny, silky, puffy blue… I could not stop touching her padded shoulder and arm!

    I told her that I have worn Calvin Klein fragrances over the years but today I wore Givenchy Gentleman and she liked it: she herself wore a nice perfume (I can’t remember what is was though.) but I will say this: I will get a bottle of CK’s Obsession and the next time we meet we will definitely have a lot to talk about style which we both have in common!
    I am so glad that I made her happy today as I gave her compliments about her beautiful CK puffer coat and I will give her even more when she sees me around the store! More puffy-coated women soon…

    • Believe me nylonmanic, If I were able to take photos while meeting these lovely puffy-coated women I would be starting up a new blogsite by now! But as there are no pics of such that would be pointless …

  32. Today I’ve sneaked one shiny women’s nylon coat into the fitting room to try it on. Covered it up by a men’s jacket and a west to avoid questioning and weird looks (I did have to ask the lady to unlock the fitting room). The whole manoevre gave me pleasure, I must say. Would love to do that again :)))

  33. Man! I wish there was a store specially dedicated to nylon clothes,( where all such brands from cheapest to the most expensive), just like there are leather dedicated stores, for ex. in Canada we have Danier’s leather.

  34. Yesterday afternoon at the department store where I was working I was helping an elderly customer until something grabbed hold of my attention. There was the sight of a tall, very attractive, dark-haired young woman wearing a stunning green puffer coat, black leggings and shoes who I made no hesitation of approaching and asking her if she needed any assistance. Then I made a compliment about this very nice green hooded puffer coat she was wearing and I asked her if she didn’t mind if I touched her sleeve and she said yes! She was willing to let me touch her, and she smiled.

    I placed a firm grip on her sleeve then working my way up to this young lady’s upper arm and shoulder and all the way down as we had a brief conversation while I was feeling the soft, thick puffy green coloured material that beautifully encased and tightly fitted her upper body. She told me that the coat she bought was from TK Maxx and it cost £82.
    I could not find a photo of it online, as I assume this was one is no longer available.

    I have to say that of all the puffy coated female customers I have encountered at my workplace, this young woman had made a big impression on me: not only was she stunningly attractive in her puffy coat she was also a charming lady to talk to. She told me that she was an artist and we were just about to click as she had to continue shopping!

    Then, 10 minutes later, I was called to serve customers on the till and guess who did I meet…this pleasant young lady again! As we were talking, I noticed that she had dark green fingernails that matched her puffer coat, and I complimented to her that she’s very stylish and she smiled when I told her! As I said goodbye to her I wrote my name on the information slip regarding a customer survey leading to a prize draw. I hope she’ll return to the store again with her puffer coat and remember me from this point forward, and perhaps exchange phone numbers! You never know, this may hopefully progress to another level. Could she be my potential girlfriend if she’s single? I am still thinking of her as I write…

    • Awesome story! I’m jealous. I’m personally to afraid to approach a woman wearing a shiny nylon jacket or a lightweight nylon jacket. I have a hard enough time as it is approaching women and for me to approach one wearing one of these jackets/coats is basically impossible. Even to say “hey I really like your coat” seems impossible. I would be so flushed in the face it would seem as if my head was about to explode. I’ve been caught a couple of times checking out a coat. She probroly thought I was staring at her when in fact I was staring at the coat. All I want is a girl who loves wearing these coats/jackets. I think that would satisfy my craving I get when I see woman wearing them. Cause all I want is a girl who wears these coats. she don’t even have to be super attractive, as long as she weats the coats I’m attracted to, the coat would make her super attractive in my eyes.

      Hope she comes back wearing the same green jacket! Awesome story!

    • Oh yeah! I’d like to have a girlfriend who likes this stuff too. I already have quite a collection of women’s shiny puffers, I only need a girlfriend (size S) to put into them. Don’t think I could approach strangers on the street.
      Close (female) friends who love that kind of stuff would be good too.

    • @nylonmaniac… Your that lucky to fit into a women’s Small?!?! I’m jealous. You must be a smaller person. I have to buy XL and XL still don’t fit right. As long as I am sitting upright, it’s not bad but I cannot go to sleep in any of them do to the tightness in the shoulders. I have one jacket (Columbia “Powder Pillow”) in a 2XL and I still have the same problem. The only difference in the XL and 2XL is body room where the woman’s breasts go. I need the aleeve length to be longer. One benifit is I can wear another jacket like my Thunder jacket with the Columbia one I have. It sucks being 6’3″. And I have noticed that the smaller sized jackets tend to have more puffiness to them compared to the larger ones and the smaller ones also are more form fitting for a woman’s curvature. When I do get a girlfriend, not only will I be a happy guy buying her a coat her and there, she will be nice and toasty warm in our alaskan winters. I can’t wait for that day!

    • 2 Eddie:
      I can even get into XS 😉
      I only have 2 fears: one that my girlfriend might happen to be bigger than S, and all my current collection will be of no use except for my personal fetish, and two – that she may not be into those things and there’s no way I can push her. However, if she sees my account on Flickr full of photos of different chicks in shiny puffers, and if i constantly wear my Parkasite outfit and other men’s puffers when I go on a date, maybe that could give her a message.

    • @nylonmaniac

      So to make things clear, you currently have a collection of woman’s jackets but you currently have no girlfriend? (That’s my current situation) If this is true, how would you go about letting her know about the coats that you currently have??

      I would LOVE to allow my future girlfriend to wear my coats that I have even though they are XL and 2XL, but i don’t think I could even mention my coats… I would think that she would think I was a freak and run as fast as she could if I pulled out my coats… I think it would be something I would have to build up over time during the relationship. During that building of the relationship, I would buy her a coat or 2 or 3 lol that I find sexy and attractive (like the ones I have) but in her size. But yeah, how would you go abouts letting Her know?

    • Those that are still with tags I would give her among other Cristmas presents, and pretend that I just bought them. Those that I couldn’t I would hide as far as I could. And if she found out the truth about them, I would explain to her that this is how I LOVE women dressing and that’s how I would be attracted even more. In a close long -term relationship people should understand each other’s quirks, unless it’s something way serious like drug addiction.

  35. You and me are in the same boat Eddie! Funnily enough I went to Oxford Street yesterday afternoon and while I was walking there lots of young and middle-aged women wearing puffer/down coats and jackets and there were a few occasions that I wanted to do my usual thing at my department store but that would be too strange when you think about it!

    Even when I visited both Uniqlo stores at Oxford Street not only I saw women trying out really beautiful and sexy puffer coats, there were also those who were already wearing stunning coats and jackets when they were browsing…and I even went to the Women’s department! I was reading some articles online about passing compliments to women and it comes down to different situations, individuals and good luck…or the lack of it!

    You never know Eddie, you may find yourself with lots of female admirers with passing compliments…and one of them may become a potential girlfriend! (And it helps if she likes puffer/down wear of course!) It worked for me so it work for you!
    I can’t wait to see that lovely young lady again. I am going to talk to her if she has more puffer/down coats and jackets…

    • Hi Mark,

      It’s great to hear more of your stories from work. Like Eddie I too am jealous. You seem to have all the luck and seem to be particularly successfully with women allowing to touch their gorgeous puffy jackets and coats. I was particularly turned on about the woman who allowed you to touch the belt buckle of her padded coat and another who you touched the hood of her coat (both in your comment above on January 16th 2014).

      The fact that you can just ask them so casually and it works surprises me, I didn’t think women would be so accommodating with such a question, especially not from a guy. I would be too anxious/nervous to attempt this for fear of being perceived as weird.

      As always keep the stories coming and best of luck meeting the artist wearing the green coat again. Thanks.

    • I’m jealous as well. There aren’t so many shiny puffer wearers where I live. I goes they’re not so popular in Canada as they are in GB. Again, I would love my gf/wife to wear this kind of stuff, but I would end the relationship is she did not.

  36. Hello Jake,

    Thank you and Eddie for following my encounters with these lovely women! I am surprised myself that I could get away with it all that touching their puffy/down coated bodies myself, particularly with those examples you mentioned and I was actually thinking today of the time I placed my hand on that woman’s belt buckle that was attached around her waist and lower stomach! Can you imagine how I was feeling when I did this! She laughed it off and she was a great sport, as are all the girls I had the pleasure of touching them. I guess women like to be appreciated in how they dress because it makes them feel more confident in themselves in their own skin. I like to think I did just that, and if they enjoy being complimented in their stunningly beautiful and very sexy thick, shiny puffy and padded outerwear then I will not hesitate in doing so! Even female colleagues and customers have said they love my men’s fragrances (Versace being an all-time favourite of mine) when I am working so it is a case of returning compliments to the girls! I think all this close physical contact I made with these ladies have sent severe electrical impulses running through their bodies just by firmly holding their upper arms, shoulders and wrists by releasing oxytocin, a female hormone from their brains which drives them crazy for more!!!

    I forgot to mention to Eddie that last Monday, there was a middle-aged woman who wore a very stunningly gorgeous dark blue, very thick and puffy coat that I wanted to pass a compliment and to touch her but I couldn’t because I was working in a section of the Foods Department where my bosses can see and hear me! Damn! I have not forgotten this bespectacled woman with short brown hair so when she turns up again I will placed my hand on her and make her feel happy! And I am also waiting for that very attractive, long dark haired and green puffy coated young woman to make another visit…

  37. Yeah like Mark said, there are many factors when it comes to giving compliments. Your demeanor, tone of voice, the actual current situation, ect ect… Anyone can compliment on anybody, and there is only one of two reactions you can get, either a positive or Negative. I truely believe it all depends on your approach and confidence, which I seriously lack 😕.

    Where I live, you don’t see them high dollar shiny jackets like Moncler ect that you see in major metropolis cities that have millions of people. Don’t get me wrong, there are some shiny coats that women wear up here in Anchorage Alaska but you sure don’t see them like you do say for example in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Paris, ect.. Most jackets worn here are the lightweight down jackets by North face, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, Arc’teryx… I love them all. I buy the mens version so I can actually wear them in public, and no, I don’t get a “turned on” sensation when I wear the men’s nor do I look at the jacket if a guy is wearing one. I only get that feeling of desire when I see a woman wearing one. When I put on my womens TNF Thunder jacket in my home in private, yeah it will kinda turn me on. Something about the for. Fitting and feminin look and the feel of the nylon material and the sound it makes when I move. But yeah, if I seen a woman wearing a Moncler or something super shiny, i will defiantly approach her as long as the situation is right. I actually can’t wait for that day. Or the day I get a girlfriend cause I’ll buy her one! 😊 thanks for listing/reading

  38. Just one brief encounter today: although there should be two because as I was sitting down at the Starbucks Coffee directly next to my workplace I saw a regular customer who I mentioned to her recently that she has a very thick and padded black puffer coat and she was impressed that I remembered! Anyway I called this redheaded woman and I don’t think she heard me, otherwise I would have placed my hand all over her thick puffiness that encased her body! Oh well…

    But back inside as I was on the till, a blonde, middle-aged Scottish woman came to me and we talked about the rainy weather. As we did I dried off the rain from her blue, fur-hooded puffer coat which she was very grateful in me doing so(and I did not ask for her permission), I firmly squeezed her upper arms as they were tightly encased with thick, puffy material and placed my hands on her breasts! She seemed to enjoy it and she was not at the least embarrassed! She told me that she lives around the area where I am working so when it rains again I will give her the same treatment!!!

  39. Yesterday was truly a BLESSING. I was walking around in downtown, and, everywhere I went, there were ladies/girls in sexy shiny puffy coats/jackets. I may say I couldn’t catch a break. Only it wasn’t always easy to snap those coats/jackets on my phone without being noticed. I was also wearing my shiny Parkasite,and I got “Nice jacket!” a couple times (would be better if that was from young ladies than from men). Check my Flickr account for snapshots: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100731869@N05/

  40. Does anyone know where to get a shiny nylon down suit/ski suit for a good price ($100 – $300)? On Ebay prices are murder ($500 – $900), and I can’t afford to order yet another thing from Parkasite these days.

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